Free, open,
comfortable ready to wear

Natural Organic Clothing
that's what I aim to create, to make more beautiful, comfortable, minimalistic yet stylish, unique and the most important comfortable range
of clothing for both men and women. Jute chappals, wallets, bags, belts, jewelery all sort of accessories included.

The inspiration comes from nature of course. Clothes made especially out of natural dyes total chemical free and natural fabrics which is restricted not just to cotton but many more varieties, psychedelic prints and much more.


Bandhej, which is better known as ‘Bandhani’ or ‘Bandhni’ is a highly sophisticated and complex method of cloth decoration by combining various dyes.

The technique of Bandhej involves tying of tiny dots with threads all over the body of the cloth to create various designs and motifs. In the process of Bandhej, the piece of fabric is entangled into small knots and then dipped into the Dye which eventually renders the cloth a typical design which is termed as Bandhej or Bandhani.

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