Glam Chic

Chic is so in... with total elegance , beauty, grace

That's why maya has come up with a skirt which is glam , natural and total chic oh chic....

Its cotton ... grey tone.... Suitable for parties , Formal occasions or when one just wanna have fun

Close up 


Tribal Vest

Tribal northeast authentic handloom fabric is been moulded into a beautiful vest....

Love the colors, the print...

Wear for music festival, jamming or any special occasion and be a part of a tribe


Summer vest

Vest will be coming in season or fashion soon and i have come up wid new simple and plain style..

One is rugged denim vest for a grunge look can be worn with tee ....

Other one is bamboo banana natural fabric classy chic vest for formal occasions 

First tutu Skirt

Tutu skirt is so chic, elegant and feminine...

I have designed one myself and here is the image below.... I ve fallen in love with it :)

It looks Italian , somebody quoted this on my Facebook page(maya.vastra)  ... cool ha


Comfortably Natural...2

Some bamboo, some linen, some cotton and some simple comfortable outfits....

Here they are....

Yellow crumbled and linen block print shirt for a chic classy look paired with nice natural dye printed skirt and scallop hem cotton shorts...

Black cotton linen dress and flare strip wrap around for comfortable chic easy look

Go boho... With denim Vintage dress paired with  jute nettle footwear and natural dye bamboo dress

My favourite... Tie and dye natural dyes long flare skirt....for colorful fun

Feel and look classy without any effort... Khadi linen shirt with linen black skirt..... 

 More styles, more fabrics, more comfort.... on its way

Love n peace



Comfortably Natural

Summer heat is round the corner... So go comfortably natural to protect oneself from summer and of course to look chic stylish and a bit traditional western fusion

Here comes New Dohti Pant, Tribal NATURAL Dyes dress and Batik Print Tunic ( an ancient wax dyeing technique)

Can be worn as traditionally or casually....All depends on how you carry it

Hand embroidered white cotton tunic with loose comfy dohti pants

Tribal Natural dyes dress

Batik Print top paired with dohti cowl pants